Tuesday 5th June 2018

About time. Gucci’s number one fan has landed a men’s tailoring campaign. An easy win when so called fan is Harry Styles. So, what does the House do with the hottest male British musician in the world right now? Put him in a fish and chip shop, obviously. Shot by Glen Luchford in North London, Styles is the picture of a perfect Englishman. Because the perfect Englishman wears Gucci suits to go get fish and chips with his pet chickens and dogs in tow who also get fed the foods. Why? Apparently it’s a “narrative sequence that echoes many famous photographs and scenes from British films.” Whatever it is, Harry looks hot and the Gucci looks good and that’s all that matters to us. He wears the full tailoring experience, two suit coats with waistcoats are in an inky night sky navy blue with bee check; the other a wool mohair grey with green blanket because it’s cold in London. Love a man in a suit. Styles also works a soft gingham dressing gown as a jacket simply because he can. He woke up like this. Slight Grandpa in Gucci vibes but he can do no wrong. The hint of the Gucci serpent is strung round his neck and his fingers covered in what we expect is Gucci jewels. The full HS effect. For his close up he cradles a chicken in a fabulous embroidered collared mohair jacket. An on-stage-Styles kind of jacket. The more extra, the better. Gucci’s collaboration with the New York Yankees is thrown in the mix, patched onto a woollen suit. This is his element, and as ridiculous as it may be to mere peasants, everything Harry does is done best in a Gucci suit. So versatile. Yes, Harry in a Gucci campaign is certainly a sign of the times.

by Roxy Lola




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