Monday 20th March 2017

How does one go about conquering the Internet today? In meme form. Something so simple but so genius. Gucci have officially begun dishing out their own memes and they are hilarious, clever and chic, as expected. If you didn’t know, (tragic), TFW stands for “that feel when.” The memes, described as the house’s “new collaborative art project” feature images of the collection shot on people with standard typed #tfw situations above. And in true Alessandro Michele form, the master has commissioned various artists to contribute to the Gucci meme Instagram extravaganza. Just Gucci being ahead of the curve once again. Everybody else, keep up.

by Roxy Lola

#TFWGucci Goth Shakira @gothshakira is a Montreal-based artist whose Instagram meme account is inspired by Latin American style and queer culture. Mingling Spanish and English, Goth Shakira’s memes are collages with a message about feminism, freedom, and creativity. She consciously pushes the boundaries of memes into visual art, participating in panels and exhibitions that frame digital artifacts as just another, equally important part of physical culture. — @kchayka Discover more though link in bio.

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#TFWGucci The new generation of future-forward Gulf creativity, @christto_andrew is a dynamic duo making eye-popping images from their studio in Doha, Qatar. Christto Sanz and Andrew Weir hail from Puerto Rico and South Africa, respectively, and came together in 2012 to collaborate on bold photography and moving images that challenge perceptions about the Middle East, blending traditional symbols with jewel-toned surrealism. For #TFWGucci, they introduce us to a mysterious fashionista who holds a flaming rose while she casually checks her #LeMarchédesMerveilles watch. In the words of the viral but never basic @beigecardigan, she’s just too fire to waste time. – Text by @newterritories Read more through link in bio.

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#TFWGucci Collage artist @edouardtaufenbach, takes a serialized tack when constructing his kaleidoscopic, hand-glued collections of photographs. The artist’s work for #TFWGucci is nostalgic, winsome, and abstract. Interpreting the image, @cabbagecatmemes (John Trulli) finds a commentary on waiting for friends to go out one night. – Text by @helenh0lmes Read more through link in bio.

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#TFWGucci Documentary photographer @littlebrownmushroom (Alec Soth) is known for his melancholic images that capture small-town landscapes and people. With a sly wit, his bare-bones memes have the same creative focus that makes him an art-world social media favorite. His Instagram account is a playful mix of his latest photos, funny screencaps, and cryptic text message exchanges, and his sharp take on the Gucci #LeMarchédesMerveilles watch for the #TFWGucci project — conceived of and photographed solely by Soth himself — would fit right in on both Reddit and the runway. – Text by @tatianaberg Read more through link in bio.

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