Thursday 1st February 2018

Tonight’s MAAS Centre for Fashion Ball is the heart starter for the upcoming program of exhibitions for 2018 and a reminder of how great is the museum’s archive. Jonathan Zawada, the rather fabulous artist (plus everything else – who can ever forget Fashmatics? So pre Diet Prada, and all the album artwork, including Flume and The Presets) has been specially commissioned to create artwork for the ball, using objects from the museum’s collection. We love a ball at Ten Towers. Any excuse to dig out the Miu Miu flock coat that we’ve been waiting to wear.

How did you choose which pieces from the MAAS collection to include in your remodelling?

Jonathan Zawada: “To start with I was taken through the MAAS archives and spoke to the conservators in the basement of the museum who toured me through the collection, they shared with me some pieces they were passionate about and also dug things up in response to the pieces and details I was excited by. After that I spent a few days stumbling around the online archive, starting with search terms for forms I was interested in and then just snooping around to find incredible gems by artists that I never knew existed.”


You wanted to create a sense of fantasy and wonder – what is happening in the ultimate Jonathan Zawada wonderland?

“Lots of colour. I’m interested in the ways that material, form and colour can all be separated and then recombined to help you see each part anew and create versions of reality that become gateways back to the actual real world and all of the fantastic things that are in it.”


Can you name the perfect soundtrack/song for each of the five pieces images?

1. Zealous Order of the Candied Knights by Matmos

2. Boredom by The Drones

3. Up My Sleeves by Deathgrips

4. Utopia by Bjork

5. Suspended in Gaffa by Kate Bush


What is your favourite medium to work in? Why?

“I honestly don’t have a favourite. Every time I work in one medium for too long I start to get bored and long for something else, whether that’s the immediacy of digital or the meditativeness of oil painting, I often long for whatever it is that I’m not doing right now. I suppose a combination of as many mediums as possible is my favourite.’


What is intriguing you most in fashion land right now?

“I confess that after spending a little over a decade working in and being very interested in fashion I’ve largely dropped away from it in the past few years. Now I’m most determined to locate some colourful and beautiful workwear that will keep mosquitoes off me while I do gardening on our bush block!”

by Roxy Lola




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