Wednesday 9th May 2018

Our favourite boys are back at it with another Le Specs collaboration. The world is better seen through the eyes of Double Rainbouu. This time Mikey Nolan and Toby Jones set off to Thailand to shoot the campaign with photographer Kasia Werstak and 10 cover superstars Jeet Pavlovic and Luca Kiripun, in the style of a travel diary. We had many questions, obvs, so we spoke to the Double Rainbouu boys as well as Hamish Tame from Le Specs. Dream teaming.

What are the Double Rainbouu rules to wearing sunglasses?
Double Rainbouu: “Best worn for good times. Best colour matched to another accessory. Best to have multiple pairs. Best to wear one pair at a time. Good for fashion shows.”

What were you thinking about when creating this collection?
DR: “We were dreaming of island hopping and scooter rides under palm trees with the wind in our face and wondering what sunglasses we would like to wear.”

Why did you choose to go toThailand for the lookbook?
DR: “It worked with the free spirited feel we were looking for, for both the collection and look book style. We wanted to create a travelling experience and Thailand is just the place!”

Soundtrack to this collection?
DR: “The ‘Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me’ album by the Cure. Their most sun drenched work. Especially ‘Catch’ and ‘Why Cant I be you?’”

Your favourite frame?
DR:  “The ‘Five Star’ in Matte Violet closely followed by the ‘Night Crawl’ in black.”

Best part about designing eyewear with Le Specs?
DR: “It was fun and natural and there were really good synergies. We love the fact that the brand started out of a family owned pharmacy in Bondi. It’s a story close to home and an iconic Australian brand.”

Worst part?
DR: “The parking at their office.”

Where did you shoot the campaign? Best anecdote from the trip?
DR: “In Bangkok at the Marriot where we stayed and around town, then in Phuket and a little Island off there called Koh Yao Yai. We all became really obsessed with Family Mart and any other roadside convenience stores. Mostly for obscure snacks and cheap slides.”

What is the secret to creating a versatile frame?
Hamish Tame: “A versatile sunglass needs to be well considered when in its design. The colour and shape need to be different and interesting to stand out, but with a classic edge that makes them easy enough to wear every day with any outfit. The fit of the sunglasses is equally important, to ensure they’re comfortable to wear all day long.”

Who would you love to see wearing this collection?
HT: “A royal. I don’t mind if it’s The Queen, or Meghan Markle. Or Harry in the Royal Violet ‘Five Star’ It’s a really good collection for honey mooners.”

by Roxy Lola

The collection is available now at

Images photographed on film by Johnny Ladd.




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