Tuesday 16th May 2017

A fair few weeks ago now we crashed an Emma Mulholland shoot. As we were prying – as we do – we discovered her plans to launch a diffusion line called ‘Holiday the Label’ which is basically a collection of “all the great pieces you might need on a holiday.” Fair play. It’s all made in Australia, which our patriotic hearts love to hear, and in all natural fibres… think linens and cottons. It’s really the prints that got our juices flowing as we tore through the virgin rack of Holiday the Label. So when we quizzed Mulholland about how and when the collection would be launched she said it would be with an editorial zine featuring the work of ten contributors. Such a neat number. And with the simple theme of holiday. So off these ten contributors went far and wide to shoot the collection in their own signature style. Take Imogene Barron’s image of Staz Lindes above for example. In the words of Mulholland, “I’m really blown away with the photos Imogene took of Staz when they went to Mexico recently – the only thing I didn’t like about this shoot was not being able to be there.” Touché Emma. Other contributors include our boy, Byron Spencer; Prue Stent; Miriam Marlene; Natalia Parsonson; Imogen Wilson; Valerie Phillips; Ryan Kenny; Renee Carey and Zac Bayly. The zine launches tonight followed by a pop up exhibition from tomorrow at Blank Space Gallery on Crown Street, Surry Hills. The t-shirts and zine will be available to buy along with other merch. Flick through the gallery below for a little look see inside the zine. Just a taste. She said it’s okay.

by Bec Khoury

Photo above by Imogene Barron

Holiday pop-up exhibition open Wednesday 17th – Friday 19th May from 12pm – 6pm daily at Blank Space Gallery, Surry Hills.

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    Photo by Byron Spencer. "I loved watching Byron run wild with some creative ideas on this and I think this photo of Elodie is one of his best yet. Our friend Phoebe Hyles made this hat from fabric we used in the collection," says Emma Mulholland.

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    Photo by Imogen Wilson. "Imogen is great at casting unusual talent and has started her own street cast agency in New Zealand - I love the palm shadows in her photos," says Emma Mulholland.

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    Photo by Miriam Marlene. "I really love how dreamy and soft Miriam's photos are. She shot these at the Berlin Zoo," says Emma Mulholland.

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    Photo by Natalia Parsonson. "Always so fun working with Natalia. She takes such great portraits and makes everyone feel beautiful," says Emma Mulholland.

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    Photo by Renee Carey. "Love these photos of Diddy they took when they were away in the bush one weekend," says Emma Mulholland.

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    Photo by Ryan Kenny. "Ryan takes such beautiful natural film photos. He cast some really cool girls for this shoot too," says Emma Mulholland.

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    Photo by Valerie Phillips. "Valerie was one of the first people I approached when I started working on this zine so I was so happy when she said she would do a shoot. I love how her shoot is a little home holiday and Alice Vinks eyes are completely mesmerising," says Emma Mulholland.

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    Photo by Zac Bayly. "Zac shot these guys up in Byron Bay. His photos are even more amazing given that he only decided to pick up a camera a few months ago!" says Emma Mulholland.

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    Photo by Prue Stent and Honey Long. "I love what these girls do so much and its really cool how there is always an Australian element to there shoots," says Emma Mulholland.




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