Tuesday 21st March 2017

When Lister Live met G-Star Raw. In celebration of G-Star’s Elwood X25 collection, Anthony Lister #blessed us with his mad skills and got to werk. Lister drew, painted and created, basking in the presence of street cast girls clad in the fabulousness of Pharell William’s handpicked prints for another unique life drawing installation – yes, a slight departure from the typical nude – whilst one of his epic artworks scaled the side of G-Star Raw’s George Street store. Impressive. So we asked Lister ten questions because, even though it was once famously said by Anton Chekov that ‘the role of the artist is to ask questions, not answer them,’ we like to break the rules.


When did you begin painting?

“I was born at an early age and the documentation would suggest it was the day after my Datura coma elapsed a.k.a. 10-15 years.”


What inspires your artworks? The world? People?

“I have visitors that come to my studio and deliver me phrases usually consisting of 4 word sentences and this is how I maintain a steady flow of inspiration.”


Do you listen to music whilst creating? If so, what do you listen to?

“I’m most fond of classical radio because of the lack of advertising on it.”


What is the most difficult thing you’ve experienced?

“Well I’d be lying if I said this interview and I would be struggling to answer this question honestly, so let’s just say… ‘durr’.”


The best moment on this journey so far?

“Well I just saw a really pretty girl rip sticky tape from her shins and throw it at the table. But let’s be honest – probably working for the boss, you know, the big man upstairs.”


Which painting do you identify with the most?

“What, in the world? Or of mine? Let’s just say, the best paintings have probably never been seen and burnt in some terrible situation where people are being tortured or worst. I can’t answer this question, I’m too emotional right now.”


What is your favourite material to use when creating artworks?

“Usually wet materials, anywhere from acrylics to oils, detergent. I’m also very fond of graffiti removal paint, the grey really turns me on.”


What else do you want to achieve with your paintings. Goals?

It’s risky to have dreams – definitely important to have goals. Let’s just say bigger better faster harder stronger everywhere do it. Done. I’m working on hurting my own feelings, I’m working on breaking art.”


Where is the most inspiring place you’ve been to?

“Museums. I’m very fond of museums and public galleries. I’m very fond of artwork by people who have died. But you know, my bedroom, the kitchen, same old.”


Your dream exhibition venue?

“The clouds where I am watching life with the gods. Nah that’s bullshit. Honestly, I would most prefer my work to survive in the streets forever as bronze sculptures to decorate the apocalypse. Your town, my town, her town, yeah.”


What else do you want to explore through your artwork? 

“Hey hey now, that’s a bit cheeky. My new tricks and secret weapons are remaining up my sleeve thank you very much a.k.a. none of your business.”


Your favourite colour to paint with?

“Naturally, the number 4.”


Is there a specific time of the day or night where your creativity explodes?

“Naturally, the number 4.”


What’s next?

 “I get to live my life more. But ah you mean like art stuff? Some movie, some shit, some other stuff, lots of painting, getting on planes, you know, big things. Keep an eye on my insta or some shit, I post. Bring Chopper back from the dead.”






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