Monday 30th January 2017

Zoe Boikou, founder of Zoeva, has single handedly changed the face of makeup. Literally, she has changed our faces with the creation of her brushes. Which you use with one hand. Geddit? They are simply magnificent. Ain’t no other brushes like them. Frustrated at the lack of great, reasonably priced make up brushes (we feel you), Zoe created the empire that is now Zoeva Cosmetics from her living room in Germany. She is the empress of fabulous make up. So we had to pick her beauty filled brains about Zoeva, music, beauty advice and what to expect next. Because we must know it all.

1. What inspires your colours and products? Artworks, the world, people?

“Everything. My travels all over the world. I love Australia and the life style here, the way everyone dresses and takes care of themselves. I love Japan for the packaging and design. But also fashion, music, food. Chocolate! If I see something and fall in love, I think about how I can transport it into Zoeva.

2. How does music influence your process?

“Music inspires me most when I am thinking about the colours and the names of the shades. I listen to classical music, pop music. I love Madonna, actually. I went to the MDNA tour in Berlin. I’m a huge fan of her. She keeps coming up with new ideas and new concepts. I love that.”

3. Is there a specific time of the day or night where your creativity explodes?

“Night. Definitely. Not a morning person!”

4. If you could collaborate with anyone on a palette or product who would it be?

“Madonna. I would love to have a session with her and sit down, choosing colours and shades. Naming them would be so much fun with her.”

5. The best moment on this journey so far?

“Every day. Every day is a journey and I love every day in my world. Once I was in Sephora Malaysia and a girl came up to me and said that the Cocoa Blend Palette had motivated her to continue with her designs. It was such a moment for me, having such passionate customers in markets so far away. It amazes me.”

6. What are your five beauty essentials you used every day?

“I use the 104 Buffer Brush, the Cocoa Blend Palette, the Pink Spectrum Blush Palette and eyeliner and mascara.”

7. Why do you think make up has become an even bigger trend over the past few years?

“The iPhone camera. It made everyone want to look more flawless. That’s why young girls love using those flawless Snapchat filters. The iPhone has changed a lot.

8. What are your beauty do’s and don’t’s? 

“Take care of your skin. Take make up off before you go to sleep. Use sunscreen. Have fun and be happy. I am all about individual beauty. I think if someone feels great with a black lipstick then they should go for it. Just enhance your natural beauty. Don’t cover up. Don’t feel pushed by any trends. Just express the way you feel every day and figure out what suits you best. Go with it.”

9. What’s next?

“More products. We want to keep the core of our brush line expanding with new designs, new shapes, new fibres. We want to explore the complexion. It’s a category we have’t touched yet. It’s very complex but something we will be doing in the future. And skincare.”

10. What keeps you moving forward?

“The customers, the women. When they are happy that fills me up with energy. With my products, I am obsessed wit every little small detail from the beginning. It’s what makes it so different in the end. Never compromise and say a lot of no’s. I keep pushing until the product or concept is exactly how I want it. I want to push boundaries.”

by Roxy Lola




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