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Thursday 19th October 2017

Tapz has taken flight. He’s soaring, heating up. Nominated for an MTV EMA for Best New Zealand act, the singer/songwriter whom we love has today released the next chapter of the Beautiful Nightmare EP, ‘Didn’t Know.’ The record is dark, almost eerie, filled with an emotional heaviness, yet it pushes forward, moving toward something lighter. It’s a realisation, a confession. The music video does it justice, creatively directed by Tapz himself and directed by his best friend and partner in crime Otis Prinz. Dream team. Tapz is lit up in neon, on a journey of his own. Watch below. We spoke to him as the track was released to get the low down:

On the track, ‘Didn’t Know’: 

TAPZ: “I was lost in the dark trying to find my way home. But home doesn’t feel like home, no more. I think I’m better alone. I wrote the song on an evening away from home, in a studio in Sydney, in the middle of my first overseas tour on a night off. I played the song for the first time the night after, to a sold out crowd at The Enmore. The room filled with lighters and iPhone torches. Didn’t Know documents my confusion when it comes to loving someone, or something. How it has the power to give you everything and take it all away, all whilst taking you away in both contexts. It’s a continuous cycle of madness, it drives me crazy. The song weighed on my heart for months before I could articulate it. Everything I’ve ever known always ends up getting control alt deleted.”

On the ‘Didn’t Know’ music video:

“Didn’t Know is the final video of the Beautiful Nightmare visual series. We filmed the video in New Zealand upon my return from New York/Vermont. We had just filmed the first visual of the series there for a song called Run don’t Run. It felt right to conclude the series with a video done in collaboration with my best friend Otis Prinz. We wrote the concept, he directed and I creative directed. TO amplify the audio’s unorthodox raw intimacy, acoustic guitars going against the distorted 808s, synths, and electric guitars and all, we took to a dark small warehouse, a tunnel and an empty concrete carpark to film. There’s a beautiful conversation happening between the closed spaces lit up by Jodie’s light and the never-ending concrete carpark drowned by a surrounding sea of black. In one sentence, the “Didn’t Know” video is an illusion of freedom.”

On the ‘Beautiful Nightmare’ EP:

“When I was young, I was always told not to play with fire. An enticing beauty. At Musha (my grandparent’s village in Zimbabwe) I would be so fascinated to play with the flames that were lit to prepare dinner. I have scars for my burns. I find it so intriguing, it’s empowering strength, pain, and love comforts me. Fire is kind of like me, we relate. I wanna be free, we share the same conversation. The EP is a sonic journey towards finding a balance with the fire in my heart. Almost like a blurred line between trying to escape it and trying to comfort it. I can’t touch it, otherwise, I’ll burn, I can’t banish it, otherwise, I’ll freeze and become too cold, literally and symbolically, and I can’t turn it off coz I will become blinded by the darkness. I have this war in my heart, and the only way I’ve been able to document what’s inside me is through art. So here’s my heart in six songs, literally and symbolically, from me to you, Beautiful Nightmare the EP.”

by Roxy Lola

Beautiful Nightmare EP Out 24 Nov, Pre-Order here: http://smarturl.it/TAPZEP

Tickets are on sale now for the Beautiful Nightmare Tour, November 2017:

Wednesday 22 November
Brighton Up Bar | Sydney, NSW

Thursday 23 November
Gasometer Hotel | Melbourne, VIC

Director: Otis Prinz 
Creative Director: TAPZ 
Director of Photography: Raymond Edwards 
Written by: TAPZ and Otis Prinz
Photographs by Josh Wotton 




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